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The DELE exam, which stands for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera, offers official titles that signify a person’s competency and mastery of the Spanish language. The Spanish Instituto Cervantes issues the prestigious Spanish DELE certifications on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to individuals who successfully pass a standardized test that gauges their proficiency in European Spanish.


As an internationally recognized public exam, the DELE exam stands as the solitary official Spanish proficiency certificate recognized not only by the Spanish government but also by several other Spanish-speaking governments around the globe. These DELE Spanish exams are structured across six distinct levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, with the C2 level representing the pinnacle of proficiency.


Government organizations, multinational corporations, educational institutions, and universities have all embraced DELE certifications as a useful addition to their respective evaluation frameworks in numerous countries. Mainly, the DELE exam Singapore has witnessed remarkable incorporation into various academic and professional settings, serving as a vital prerequisite for non-native Spanish speakers.


Holding DELE Spanish Diplomas is a testament to an individual’s prowess and comprehension of the Spanish language, with credentials officially acknowledged by Spain’s Ministry of Education.


If you have previously engaged in Spanish learning, we invite you to undertake our placement test below to further ascertain your mastery level in Spanish DELE.


DELE A1 Test (Beginner Proficiency)

The DELE A1 test assesses beginners’ ability to comprehend and use basic Spanish phrases for daily communication needs.


DELE A2 Test (Elementary Proficiency)

The DELE A2 test, managed by the Instituto Cervantes, focuses on basic communication tasks and understanding commonly used expressions in daily situations.


DELE B1 Test (Intermediate Proficiency)

The DELE B1 test evaluates intermediate proficiency in Spanish, testing the candidates’ abilities to handle daily life and work situations effectively in the language.


DELE B2 Test (Upper-Intermediate Proficiency)

The B2 test assesses upper-intermediate Spanish language proficiency, focusing on advanced communication and comprehension skills.


DELE C1 Test (Advanced Proficiency)

The DELE C1 test, administered by the Cervantes Institute, gauges students’ advanced proficiency in Spanish, specifically their ability to communicate effectively in complex situations.


DELE C2 Test (Mastery Proficiency)

The DELE C2 test represents the mastery proficiency level where students must answer complex tasks in class and have the linguistic skills passed by Spanish-speaking countries.


Reasons for taking the DELE exam

  • DELE diplomas are issued by the Instituto Cervantes (IC) on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • The IC provides you with the only official diploma in Spanish international recognised.
  • The certificate is recognised by corporations, chambers of commerce, private and educational institutions all over the world.
  • Having a DELE certificate will facilitate your job search by adding weight to your CV.
  • It will also facilitate the process of obtaining a student visa to Spain or Latin America.
  • Likewise, it will give you a competitive advantage at the time of applying for scholarships in Spain or in a Latin American country.
  • DELE exams do not expire. They do not have to be renewed, either.


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