Spanish Class Online: Learn Spanish Language in Singapore

What is the importance of learning Spanish?


Spanish is the official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent territory, totalling around 442 million Spanish speakers. There are many different motivations for learning Spanish; it is a highly practical language to learn as it is useful in business and social activities.

Here are some advantages of taking an online Spanish course:


  • Boosts Career Opportunities: Learning Spanish online can significantly enhance your career prospects. Many multinational companies require employees who can communicate in Spanish, especially if they have business operations in a particular Spanish-speaking country. This can open doors to better job opportunities and promotions. In today’s globalised marketplace, proficiency in Spanish can set you apart from other candidates and enhance your career prospects. The language opens up opportunities in international trade, diplomacy, and healthcare sectors, where multilingualism is often considered an asset.


  • Effective Communication Skills: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers. By learning Spanish online, you can effectively communicate with the 442 million Spanish speakers and people from diverse Spanish-speaking countries. These language skills can facilitate better business relationships and cultural understanding.


  • Better Travel Experience: Learning Spanish equips you with the language skills needed to confidently travel and explore Spanish-speaking countries. Whether on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, knowing Spanish allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and make the most of your experiences.


  • Expand Your Vocabulary: Online Spanish classes provide an excellent opportunity to expand your vocabulary. You will learn new words and phrases valuable for professional and personal communication. A rich vocabulary enhances your ability to express yourself effectively.


  • Deeper Understanding of Culture: Learning Spanish goes beyond language; it offers insights into Spanish-speaking nations’ rich and diverse cultures. Online Spanish courses often include cultural elements, helping you better understand traditions, customs, and history.


  • Elevate Your Level of Spanish: Online Spanish classes cater to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced—you can start from scratch or enhance your existing knowledge. The flexibility of these online courses allows you to progress at your own pace.


The importance of learning Spanish extends beyond merely acquiring a new skill set; it offers practical advantages in various aspects of life. Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide, as there are about 460 million native speakers as of 2021, according to Ethnologue. Consequently, the ability to communicate in Spanish can significantly broaden one’s professional, cultural, and personal benefits.



Spanish Explorer's Spanish Class Online via Zoom Live Meeting


Why Choose Spanish Explorer?


Spanish Explorer offers online Spanish courses in Singapore so that you can conveniently learn in the comfort of your home. Skip the hassle of finding language schools around your area and avoid travelling from one place to another. Our school employs native-speaking teachers to help you delve deeper into learning the language and provide one-on-one instructions to help your learning progress. Lessons are conducted in a virtual classroom experience based on your level and skills so that you can learn easily at your own pace.


Our Online Spanish lessons are hosted online via Zoom for a virtual learning environment with complete access to learning materials and tools. You will still receive immediate feedback and personalised assistance to fit your learning style and guide you in learning the language.


Learning Spanish online is a significant milestone you can be proud of. There is a sense of accomplishment seeing how far you have come, from having little to zero knowledge in speaking the language to becoming fluent in conversations.


Suppose you plan to take the DELE test and understand more about Spanish culture to integrate effectively with Spanish society. This is the right opportunity to take online Spanish learning courses in Singapore.

Benefits of Learning Spanish with Us!

Online Spanish Lessons are conducted over Zoom Live Video Class Mode.

Learn Spanish online according to your preferred schedule and venue without physically going to school. Online Spanish Lessons are conducted over Zoom Live Video Class Mode.

Accredited Course curriculum syllabus is certified by Spain’s Ministry of Education, aligned with DELE International test standard.

Certified Native Spanish Teachers with relevant and related experience to teach the Spanish as a foreign language to Non-Spanish learners.

Our Bilingual Teachers are mainly bachelor’s degree holders, certified by Spanish Universities to teach Spanish

Effective learning tools like fully recorded class videos & online support have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.

Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book + e-workbook + recorded class videos + online support.

Beginner 1 Course (2hrs each)

Our Spanish language training programme offers 20 hours of training through 10 sessions over 10 weeks, providing flexible scheduling for learners. Certified native instructors guide you through a progressive curriculum, fostering interactive learning and peer interaction. Comprehensive resources and support are provided for effective language acquisition, empowering you to communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking communities and countries and enhance your language skills.



Singaporean age 25yrs old and above is eligible to claim for SkillsFuture Credits up to $600 for the full course fee, under our parent-school name “Learning Explorer Language Centre” UEN: 201619499C



Our Spanish courses qualify for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) support, and NTUC members get course fee UTAP Spanish course support of up to a maximum of $250.


The Spanish Beginner courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credits $600 and NTUC UTAP Funding up to $250


Conversational Spanish Beginner Course

Conversational Spanish Beginner One Course 10 sessions 2hrs each @ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch IDLevelStart DateEnd Date FrequencyPhysical/Online Fee
SB1-3011-Eve*Beginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
30 Nov01 FebEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
SB1-1612-SunBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
16 Dec02 MarEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
SB1-2012-EveBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
20 Dec28 FebEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$550
SB1-0301-AMBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
03 Jan05 FebEvery Mon & Wed
SB1-1601-EveBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
16 Jan26 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$550
SB1-2001-SunBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
20 Jan30 MarEvery Sun 3.30pm-5.30pm$550


Conversational Spanish Beginner One Course 10 sessions 2hrs each @ Jurong Campus 135 Jurong Gateway Road

Batch IDLevelStart DateEnd Date FrequencyPhysical/Online Fee
Beginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
07 Jan17 MarEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550
J-SB1-1901-EveBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
19 Jan05 AprEvery Fri 7pm-9pm$550


Beginner 2 Course (2hrs each)


Conversational Spanish Beginner Two Course 10 sessions 2hrs each @ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch IDLevelStart DateEnd Date FrequencyPhysical/Online FeeTrainer
SB2-1312-EveBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
13 Dec21 FebEvery Wed 7pm-9pm
No class on 27 Dec
SB2-2012-Eve*Beginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
20 Dec28 FebEvery Wed 7pm-9pm
No class on 27 Dec
SB2-1601-EveBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
16 Jan26 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$550Maria
SB2-2801-SunBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
28 Jan07 AprEvery Sun 3.30-5.30pm$550Javier


Elementary (DELE A2) (2hrs each)

Conversational Spanish Elementary (DELE A2) Course 10 sessions 2hrs each @ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch IDLevelStart DateEnd Date FrequencyPhysical/Online Fee
SEA2-0312-SunElementary (DELE A2) 10 sessions 2hrs each03 Dec25 FebEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550
SEA2-1712-SunElementary (DELE A2) 10 sessions 2hrs each17 Dec10 MarEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550
SEA2-0701-SunElementary (DELE A2) 10 sessions 2hrs each07 Jan17 MarEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550