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You deserve the best Spanish language learning education. Here at Spanish Explorer, our Spanish teachers pay close attention to your communication and academic needs. We offer Spanish language courses depending on your level— beginners (A1/A2), intermediate (B1/B2), or advanced (C1/C2) level. There is nothing more exciting for us than to recommend this Spanish language learning opportunity and personalised learning to give you a head start in your language goals, especially if you wish to travel or stay in Spanish Speaking countries.


A lot of Spain-based companies and Spanish speaking entities conquer the global market. It is high time you take advantage of these opportunities and be a living testimony that learning the language gives you a lot of advantage.

Spanish Explorer Trainer Monica

Teaching Qualification: DEA Diploma of Advanced Studies -in Linguistics applied to the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language.

Specialization in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language
Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid.

Experienced Spanish Language Trainer for both Adults and Children

Mónica Echeverry

Spanish Language Specialist
Spanish Explorer Trainer Dany

Teaching Qualification: Diplomate in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Bachelor Degree in Spanish, English and French
La Salle University

Experienced Spanish Language Trainer for both Adults and Children

Dany Vásquez

Spanish Language Specialist
Spanish Explorer Trainer Jose

Teaching Qualification: Master's Degree in Spanish Teacher, Pablo de Olavide University.

Translation and Interpreting Bachelor's Degree by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Experienced Spanish Language Trainer for both Adults and Children

Jose Piña.

Spanish Language Specialist

Bryan Johnson

HR Manager

Leo Schaffner

Web Designer

Salma Roth


Spanish Explorer provides professional language learning in a modern and friendly set-up. Our language training experts see to it that you attain progress in using the language. Eventually, your demonstration of progress will lead to your confidence in using the language, applying learning skills and language acquisition in the real world.


Over years of experience, Spanish Explorer expands its territory and best practices in teaching the Spanish language to people who have interest in the language. Having it in Singapore is one of its best decision as the country is a melting pot of different cultures, both Europe and Asia. This makes language learning a fun-filled experience.


Get to Know Our Teachers!

Our flexible schedule and multi-level courses will help you advance to make significant progress and will give you the chance to practice Spanish and apply the language knowledge with our bilingual teachers.


So, are you a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced learner? No worries, we have many qualified Spanish teachers in Singapore who are competent enough to guide you through the learning levels. Visit our official website now or contact our support team for more details!