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Good news! You don’t have to spend a lot of money going to Spain just to learn the Spanish language. Spanish Explorer is an established Japanese language school that offers high-quality, diverse Spanish language courses. Our competent and certified Spanish teachers ensure a premier personalised education who underwent training to deliver the best learning experience to you in the heart of Singapore. Now, learning the Spanish language, as well as its culture is just within your reach!

Here are some of our Spanish Course students’ success stories…

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Our Students Review on the Spanish Lessons in Singapore



This is a great beginner course. Teacher Carolina speaks very clearly and pays a lot of attention to each student. She is always happy to help when we have questions, and gives us a lot of practical examples that are useful in everyday situations and conversations. ¡Gracias, Carolina!. I have benefited a lot from my Spanish course with Spanish Explorer.


Feliz Solomon


I’ve got a good feeling with my trainer always answers my questions. The private Spanish course provided by Spanish Explorer has a very progressive approach and structure related to daily life. I will definitely recommend my friends to join this awesome Spanish language school. The support learning tools like recorded class video and audio files had helped me a lot to learn this language.
James Tan

My Spanish teacher, she is young and enthusiastic – it’s been great fun learning from her. She’s by far the best foreign language teacher I’ve ever had. She engages the class and motivates us. Having completed the Spanish beginner level 1, I’m able to read Spanish and can easily engage in basic conversation. The group class learning tools like video lessons, workbook and audios play an important role in the whole learning process.

Joanna Lim


Steven Goh

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