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About Us

Spanish Explorer is renowned for its exceptional Spanish language courses in Singapore, led by professionally trained native speakers. Our dedicated instructors boast extensive qualifications, showcasing their Spanish language teaching expertise. This ensures that you receive top-notch guidance in your pursuit to learn Spanish, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing language skills.


We understand the importance of making language learning accessible to all, which is why we proudly accept SkillsFuture credits and provide support through NTUC UTAP for Spanish Courses in Singapore. This financial assistance allows you to invest in your education and quickly improve your language skills.


At Spanish Explorer, we take pride in offering a premier Spanish learning experience in Singapore. Our curriculum is certified and accredited by the DELE Spanish Diplomas, which are official titles granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education to ensure competence and mastery of the Spanish language. This ensures you receive comprehensive and high-quality Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and cultural instruction in our Spanish Courses in Singapore.


Our courses are specifically designed to cater to a diverse range of learners. Regardless of your working hours, interests, or budget constraints, we have a variety of Spanish courses and classes that are eligible for SkillsFuture credits. This flexibility ensures you find suitable classes for your unique learning needs.


Learning Spanish is not just about acquiring language skills; it’s also about understanding the cultural aspects that enrich the language. Our experienced teachers will guide you through this journey, making sure you gain a holistic understanding of the Spanish language and its cultural nuances.


With Spanish Explorer, you’ll discover the best way to enjoy learning this wonderful language, whether you’re looking for Spanish classes in Singapore, online Spanish classes, or Spanish classes for kids. Join us on this exciting linguistic adventure and unlock the world of opportunities by mastering the Spanish language.


Why Spanish Explorer?

Professional Native Teachers

Need a bilingual Spanish Teacher in Singapore? Find teachers who speak Spanish and English here at Spanish Explorer! All our teachers knew a second language students could be comfortable with during their Spanish classes.

Years of Experience

Spanish Explorer expands its territory and best practices in teaching the Spanish language to people who have an interest in the language. We offer Spanish courses and teach the foreign language to students with the best and accredited Spanish teachers that are native speakers to improve their Spanish skills.

Award Winning

Business Trust Award 2019/2020 ~ Demonstrating exemplary good business practices and a commitment to trade fairly & hones.

Spanish Language Courses

At Spanish Explorer, We Help You To Become Efficient Spanish Learners Or Speakers With The Following Spanish courses:


Kids Spanish Course

Spanish Explorer accommodates adult learners and young learners as well. Kids at the age of min 4 years old can start learning this beautiful language along with other similar age group friends. Our Spanish teachers are also mostly trained in early childhood to better understand how children can best learn Spanish.


Spanish Business Course

Spanish Explorer also provides a Spanish business course for students who want to work in Spanish-speaking companies and countries or those who currently work in a Spanish company and are required to study and obtain DELE proficiency.


Corporate Training

Attending our conversational or business Spanish courses here at Spanish Explorer will benefit your staff and employees, preparing them well to contribute to the organisation with their learning experience here.

Why the Spanish Language
Is Important?

As one of the European leaders, Spain has been at the forefront of innovation and a strong presence in the global economic setup. Learning the Spanish Language offers many opportunities in its technological and corporate sectors, making it an attractive environment to work or study.


Learning Spanish in Singapore is crucial if you are considering relocating or going for a short stint in a Spanish-speaking countries. You’ll need a good foundation in Spanish to understand and fully appreciate your interactions with Spanish culture and people.


A new language can be a challenge to learn without any teacher to teach Spanish. At Spanish Explorer, we have the full range of courses, from casual conversational to business Spanish learning, to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for you or your child to enjoy the language. We will provide you with the best environment, resources and excellent Spanish teachers to guide you every step of the way.


Benefits of Learning Spanish

Spanish culture is celebrated worldwide for its unique mix of cutting-edge modernity and time-honoured traditions. Our Spanish lessons will allow you to appreciate further all aspects of its culture: art, food, and even day-to-day happenings. Its celebrated cuisine, welcoming people, beautiful scenery, and fascinating arts scene have made Spain one of the world’s most popular places. Understanding Spanish will make your experience much better.


The Spanish economy is the fifth largest in Europe behind Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, and the fourth-largest in the eurozone based on nominal GDP statistics. While it faces stiff regional competition, Spain’s influential position at the head of business development means many Spanish companies have offices around the region.


Attending Spanish lessons in Singapore will give you a substantial competitive advantage in joining these renowned Spanish-speaking companies, yet another reason to learn Spanish with us. Becoming fluent in Spanish could also lead to further opportunities for job seekers, employees and business owners. Communicating smoothly in Spanish with potential employers or business partners will do you any favours.


Our Spanish classes will also provide valuable insights into Spanish working culture and values, allowing you and your counterpart to be comfortable around each other in everyday situations.